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Nurse Manager (Full-Time / Part-Time)

Wembley, London
£35,000 - £40,000 P/Annum (Negotiable)
Posted on 14/05/2019

The role of the Nurse Manager will be responsible for the Clinical and professional responsibilities of all agency workers.

The aim will be to develop and maintain a nursing quality that establishes standards, objectives, criteria, and measurements for nursing / midwifery and domiciliary care and ensure that office systems for monitoring the nursing professional development and domiciliary care employment checks are completed and maintained at all times.

To support the compliance department by ensuring that employment procedures are maintained and developed through planning, organising, directing, coordinating and delegating. To participate in formulating agency policies and devise procedures essential to the ongoing professional development of nursing staff and domiciliary care staff.

To conduct interviews for all new Healthcare Assistants, Nursing & Midwifery and Domiciliary Care staff, discuss ongoing individual performance, individual behaviour and to investigate complaints from the NHS Trusts and Local Authorities

Interviews -

  • Conduct Face to Face interviews in accordance with the agencies policies and procedures and ensure that there is a written record of the interview conducted with the candidate.
  • Assess the competency and suitability of the candidate during the interview and provide recommendation on the suitable of the candidate to enable them to undertake their role effectively for which they have been recruited.
  • Assess the competency of the candidates both written and spoken English.
  • Assess relevant to the type of work required to be undertaken on the potential Assignment, evidence to demonstrate the Candidate’s competence in mathematics to enable them to undertaken their role effectively.
  • Assess the candidate’s employment history and additional CV to evidence relevant employment history including any unexplained gaps.

Appraisal -

  • Carryout Annual appraisals for both Nursing Staff and Domiciliary Care staff in accordance with agency’s policy and procedures.
  • Meet with the candidates to discuss their performance, standards of practice and any issues that may have been identified by Trust, Clients or Service Users during their first 6 or 12 months following their date of recruitment.

Complaints -

In accordance with the agency’s policy and procedures the Nurse Manager shall be responsible for the managing and responding to all complaints in relation to both Nursing Staff and Domiciliary Care Staff.

Statutory & Mandatory and Clinical/Care core skills training - The Nurse Manager will ensure that there is a committed to supporting agency staff to progress and develop through extended training.

Audit, Quality Control and Compliance - The Nurse Manager will be responsible for ensuring that the regular monitoring and compliance of organisations agency workers including the relevant office polices, management systems and regulatory/ statutory requirements are being met and are being maintained on monthly basis.

Domiciliary Care - Support the care coordinator in meeting needs and required outcomes detailed in the service users care plan and carry out an assessment of the Service Users in the absence or unavailability of the care coordinator.

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