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We offer excellent, specialist FREE training for midwives in Obstetric Skill Drills (including CTG and Neonatal Resuscitation) from our experienced Practice Development Midwife trainer. Plus we offer FREE professional practice study days featuring top specialist speakers.

For this, and to discuss other training needs, email or call our compliance team on 020 8900 9519.

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Breast Feeding Infant Standards Training

All Trust are applying for BFI award. This means all staff working in maternity needs to have completed their BFI approved breast feeding training which has been approved by UNICEF.

Our Midwife Advocate, Kanta Patel will do the programme for the day. If staff have done approved training, they need annual update which is two hours which they should ideally attend with the Trust.
If your BFI training has been over 5 years , you need to attend as well as staff who have not yet completed the breast feeding training.

Please advise if you are able to attend this BFI Training date.

Also, to all the midwives attending the training – please visit “Baby-Friendly Initiative website and read the information available. Also, please watch the “Global Health Breast Feeding videos online by searching “Global Health Project in lieu of the BFI Training.
It would be extremely beneficial for you to attend one of the training dates. Please confirm if this is possible soonest time you can so we can secure the place for you.

For Further details please contact Shiela on 0208 900 9519 or Email:
Places are being booked quickly so don’t miss out!

Please be reminded that the course fees need to be paid before the course date.

Standard Nursing Agency Midwives £75; External Midwives: £95.

* Cash payment or bank transfer to SNA account. Study day must be paid in advance.


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